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Undergraduate Research Bursaries Application Form

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Application Form

For full details of the Terms and Conditions attached to the Undergraduate Research Bursaries please refer to: Undergraduate Research Bursaries. You will be asked during the application process to agree to these Terms and Conditions.

As a logged in member of the Palaeontological Association you can save a draft version of  the application form using the "Save Draft" button.

Project Details
Project title, duration and student support requested
20 words maximum
In weeks, up to a maximum of eight weeks.
Total amount of support requested, based on a stipend of £311.85 GBP, or its equivalent in local currency, per week of project time
Details of supervisors, host institution and other support for the proposed project
Title, first name and surname of principal supervisor
Position held by supervisor in the institution hosting the project
Affiliation and postal address of principal supervisor
Telephone number (including dialling code if outside UK)
Please confirm that this is the only Undergraduate Research Bursary application that you are involved with as supervisor or additional supervisor in this round of applications.
If previous answer was yes, please give details of additional supervisors (Title, first name and surname; affiliations; email address)
The funds provided by PalAss only cover the undergraduate stipend. Please confirm that any other funding needed to support the project is in place and that the project will be able to go ahead if funding is received from PalAss.
Student details
Student’s details and their motivation for applying (to be filled in by the student)
Title, forename and surname of student applicant
Email address of student applicant
Institution where student is registered for an undergraduate degree
Name of degree course and expected year of graduation.
These funds are for students with no previous experience of independent palaeontological research. Please confirm that this is true in your case.
What has led you to apply for a Palaeontological Association Undergraduate Research Bursary to pursue this particular project with this particular supervisor? How were you involved in developing the proposal? How do you think it will transform the course of your undergraduate and post-university career? (300 words maximum)
Project Proposal
Project Proposal (to be led by the supervisor)
Details of proposed research project: Give a short background to the proposed project, understandable to a non-specialist, and the research goal(s) to be tackled (300 words maximum).
Methods and techniques to be used to achieve these goals. If external facilities or personnel will be supporting this work, please give brief details of that support (400 words maximum).
A proposed timetable of research for the project as a week-by-week breakdown (100 words maximum).
Up to three recent peer-reviewed references may be cited to support the case (no word limit).
Provide summary information on the role of the student in executing the research, plans for supervision, including how much direct mentoring the principal supervisor will give, and support of the student. Explain how the student will be involved in the dissemination of any significant results (300 words maximum).
Terms and Conditions
I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of this grant as stated on the webpage Undergraduate Research Busaries.
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