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The Association is happy to receive applications for grants from the organisers of scientific meetings, workshops and short courses that lie conformably with its charitable purpose, which is to promote research in palaeontology and its allied sciences. The Association will consider applications up to £2,000. Application must be made in good time (at least 9 months before the start of the event) by the scientific organiser(s) of the meeting on the online application form (see below). Such requests will be considered by Council at the May and October Council Meetings each year. If the application is successful, we will require that the support of the Association is acknowledged, preferably with reproduction of the Association's logo, in the meeting/workshop/short course literature and other media. Enquiries may be made to the Secretary (

Making an application for meeting or workshop/short course support

Applications must be made through online submission, for which you will need the following information:

  1. Title of meeting/ workshop/ short course
  2. Date and Place proposed
  3. Name, position, and affiliation of the organiser(s)
  4. Brief description (not more than 10 lines) of the rationale behind the meeting/ workshop/ short course
  5. Anticipated number of attendees
  6. Amount requested
  7. Other sources of funding applied for
  8. Specific use to which requested funds will be put

Note: If funds are requested to support one or more keynote speakers, then full details of their names, affiliations and titles of presentations must be included. The application will be strengthened if the keynote speaker agrees to submit their paper as a review article for possible publication in Palaeontology.


1st March and 1st September each year at 23:59 GMT

Online Application Form

Application Form

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