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Undergraduate Prize Scheme

The Undergraduate Prize Scheme annually invites all university departments where a palaeontology course or module is taught after the first year as part of a degree programme to recommend one of their undergraduate students to receive this award. The award consists of a certificate and free membership of the Association for the rest of the year in question, plus the following calendar year. It provides electronic access to both of our journals, postal copies of the Newsletter, and all the other advantages of membership. Receipt of the award should also augment a recipient’s CV.

Departments may use any criterion for selection, though most prefer to use the scheme as an acknowledgement of best performance in a relevant exam or project. Only one nomination will be accepted from any one institution in each calendar year. The nominee must be an undergraduate student, not a postgraduate, when they are selected. Normally the award is made to a student in their penultimate year of study, but a final year candidate may be chosen if this is deemed more appropriate for the department in question.

How to Nominate

Contact us at and/or the with a nomination (name and e-mail address) and we will then sign up the student as a member and send them a certificate.


There is no deadline for this award.

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