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Golden Trilobite - 2014 Award Recipient

2014 Award Recipient

Nannotax (

The Nannotax website has been primarily created by three authors: Dr. Jeremy R. Young, Prof. Paul R. Bown, and Dr. Jaqueline A. Lees.  The website aims to provide an authoritative guide to the biodiversity and taxonomy of coccolithophores - a beautiful group of microscopic planktonic algae with an abundant fossil record and a key role in the global carbon cycle. It is both a working tool for specialists and an accessible reference source for anyone else looking for information on any coccolithophores. 

Nannotax Website

Nannotax Website

Nanotax was nominated by a member of the Assoication with the following statment: "The webpage is an amazing resource for taxonomic information, edited and provided by leading experts in the field. It is used by a large number of researchers in the field, especially young people starting off and trying to find their way.”

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