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Progressive Palaeontology 2022 - Lincoln, UK: Travel and Accommodation

Year: 2022
Location: Lincoln, UK
Hosted By: University of Lincoln (UoL)
Organised By: Sean Smart (co-chair), Emily Green (co-chair), Shane Wheatley (co-chair), Lucy Incles, Josh Tucker, and Meghan Jenkinson
General Contact Email:

Travel and Accommodation


Getting to Lincoln

By train: Lincoln is located centrally, within the East Midlands of the UK. Fortunately, Lincoln has its own rail station, "Lincoln Central Station”.  It is serviced regularly from several major cities including Manchester, Birmingham, and London. Tickets can be purchased from and
By plane: Lincoln’s closest airport is the nearby Doncaster Sheffield Airport. The airport is only 26 miles from the city and it is straightforward to get to Lincoln either by train or taxi.
By coach: Coach travel can be one of the most cost-effective ways to travel long distances across the country. The bus/coach station is located centrally within the city so getting to your accommodation should hassle-free. and are among the better providers of coach travel.
By car: Driving in a personal car to Lincoln is possible, but there is limited mutli-day parking in the city, and costs may be quite high.

Getting to the University of Lincoln

Progressive Palaeontology 2022 Lincoln Map

The coach and train station are visible to each other (Blue star) and are less than a 5-minute walk apart. From either, the most direct route to the university (Red star) is to follow the train tracks down by the river. Eventually you will come to a large rail bridge (yellow arrow), after which there is a large wooden bridge (green arrow) leading onto campus. This is approximately a 15 min walk. Alternatively, there are nearly always taxis outside the station. 

Handsome Cabs (01522 545352) are a popular choice among students, whilst A2B Cars Lincoln (01522 533433) have the highest review score on Google reviews.


Lincoln offers a variety of accommodation options at a range of price points, the establishments listed here are offered as suggestions due to good reputation and location close to the university. When booking accommodation, it is often cheaper to book multi-person rooms than booking the same number of individual rooms.

Holiday Inn (City Centre): Address- Brayford Enterprise Park, Ruston Way, Lincoln LN6 7DB. The Holiday Inn is located a short walk away from the campus (and the local McDonald’s), offering a luxurious air-conditioned room (~£75 p/n) that includes free Wi-Fi and breakfast. For more information, see their website:

Travel Lodge: Address- 16 Tentercroft St, Lincoln LN5 7DB. Located close to both the university and the train/ bus stations, Travel Lodge offers a predictable and comfortable experience at a reasonable rate (~£60 p/n). For more information, see their website:

Queen in the West: Address- 12-14 Moor St, Lincoln LN1 1PR. Located further away from the University, the Queen in the West offers an affordable B&B option (~£60 p/n) perfect for those that enjoy a local pub feeling, though with limited spaces available. For more information, see their website:

Brayford Guest House: Address- 79 Carholme Rd, Lincoln LN1 1RT. A further walk away from the conference venue but offering a similar great B&B service at a slightly cheaper price point (~£50 p/n) including Wi-Fi, free parking, and a quieter accommodation experience. For more information, see their website:

There are plenty of AirBnB rooms available in Lincoln, with a few being managed by the Student’s Union at a very reasonable price, e.g.


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