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Progressive Palaeontology 2022 - Lincoln, UK: Workshops, talks, posters and social events

Year: 2022
Location: Lincoln, UK
Hosted By: University of Lincoln (UoL)
Organised By: Sean Smart (co-chair), Emily Green (co-chair), Shane Wheatley (co-chair), Lucy Incles, Josh Tucker, and Meghan Jenkinson
General Contact Email:

Workshops, talks, posters and social events

This page covers workshops, talks, posters and social events.


We are delighted to offer delegates the chance to attend one of two excellent workshops on the first day of the conference.

Delegates are asked to only sign up to one workshop, as they run concurrently delegates will only be able to attend one.

#Phylogenetic comparative methods in R – Led by Dr Manabu Sakamoto

Beginning with a brief introduction/recap to R and RStudio, Dr Sakamoto will introduce the topic of phylogenetic comparative methods (PCMs): What are they? How are they used? And why they are important?
Through R and mostly focussing on phylogenetic regressions, Dr Sakamoto will cover:

  • How to read a phylogeny into R and how to manipulate it.
  • How to efficiently match a set of trait data to a phylogeny.
  • How to fit phylogenetic regressions.
  • How to interpret phylogenetic results.

Science communication workshop – Led by Elspeth Sinclair and colleagues

Following an introductory section, attendees will be broken up into groups and lead into smaller flexible discussion groups led by one of the workshop co-ordinators.
Group topics include:

  • Exploring your research through storytelling.
  • How to define and identify your target audience.
  • How to transform an initial idea into a fully costed programme
  • And more!


There will be three different formats present at Progressive Palaeontology 2022, the first is the keynote speaker, this will be selected by the committee from the full talks and will follow opening remarks on the second day of the conference. All other talks will either be full (10 min) talks or lightning (5 min) talks. Attendees will only be able to 
If successful, all delegates will be required to pre-record their talks even if they are presenting in person and provide subtitles for their talks.

Keynote speaker

The keynote speaker is currently undecided but will be announced in the coming weeks.

Full talks

Full talks are 10-minutes and will cover research projects of delegates. At the end of the talk, there will 3 minutes set aside for questions from the audience. Individual delegates can only submit an abstract for either a full talk or lightning talk.

Lightning talks

Lightning talks are brief, 5-minute sessions (with 2 minutes of Q&A) that provide an excellent opportunity for early career researchers to build their confidence in presenting and communicating their research. Individual delegates can only submit an abstract for either a full talk or lightning talk.


Posters will be online for all delegates on the Palaeontological Association’s website and physically at the conference. Posters should be A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm) in size and portrait in orientation. 

Please submit your poster as a PDF file and bring with you a physical copy if you are presenting in-person. 

Social events


On the evening of the first day, there will be an icebreaker event, where delegates can relax and socialise in a more relaxed environment, there will be a couple of activities and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) will be provided. The main event will be a loosely palaeo-themed quiz, followed up by a brief presentation appreciating the great art that has been submitted for the palaeoart contest, with the winner being awarded a prize!

Informal conference pub visit

After the first day concludes with Icebreaker event, the committee will be heading to one of the nearby pubs and would be delighted to welcome any conference delegates that would like to come along. This is an informal separate event that is not directly related to the conference.

Informal film trip

Following the Icebreaker, if any delegates would prefer to socialise in an alcohol-free environment, one of the committee members will be organising an excursion to watch the newly released ‘Jurassic World Dominion’ film. In the event that there are no showings of the movie scheduled for this time, an alternative social event will be arranged. This is an informal separate event that is not directly related to the conference.

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