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Annual Meeting 2018 - Bristol: Programme

Number: 62nd Annual Meeting
Year: 2018
Location: Bristol
Hosted By: University of Bristol
Organised By: Dr Jakob Vinther
General Contact Email:


Friday 14th December: Workshops, Symposium and Reception

There will be two short workshops available: “Bayesian phylogenetic analysis of morphological character data using RevBayes” and “Workshop in 3D data visualisation and segmentation using Avizo”. There will also be a taphonomy workshop running concurrently. Sign up for these events during registration.Venues to be announced.

The Annual symposium will be held in the Great Hall at the University of Bristol, Queens Road. The theme is ’Frontiers and Advances in Dinosaur Palaeobiology’:

14.15—14.30 Welcome

14.30—15.00 Darla Zelenitsky (University of Calgary)

                        The evolution of nesting and reproductive traits in dinosaurs

15.00—15.30 Karl Bates (University of Liverpool)

                        Dinosaur biomechanics: a tale of hard tissues and soft evidence?

15.30—16.00 Victoria Arbour (Royal Ontario Museum)

                        The Northern Interior Mountains of British Columbia, Canada: an untapped resource for Mesozoic vertebrate fossils

16.00—16.30 Emily Rayfield (University of Bristol)

                        Dinosaur skull function, an evolutionary perspective

16.30—17.00 Break

17.00—17.30 Jasmina Wiemann (Yale University)

                        How fossil biomolecules unveil the hidden stories of dinosaur biology

17.30—18.00 Jingmai O’Connor (IVPP)

The trophic ecology of Mesozoic birds

18.00—18.30 Bhart Anjan Bhullar (Yale University)

                        Evolution, development, and the assembly of the modern bird

18.30—19.00 Xu Xing (IVPP)

Research on bird origins: recent advances and future perspectives

19.15—21.30 Icebreaker reception in the Life Sciences Building, 24 Tyndall Avenue.

Saturday 15th December: Conference, AGM, Annual Address and Dinner

The main part of the Annual Meeting will proceed with two days of talks and posters. Talks will be held in the Social Sciences complex on Priory Road, while poster sessions and coffee will be held at the Life Sciences building. The two venues are a 5-minute walk from each other.

The Saturday morning and afternoon will feature double, or triple parallel sessions held in the Priory Road Complex. The Annual General Meeting as well as the Annual Address will be held in the main lecture theatre at the same address.

The Annual Address take place at 16.00 and will be given by Professor Dame Jane Francis (British Antarctic Survey). The title is ‘Ice in a greenhouse world – 60 Ma and 2060!’

Following the Annual Address there will be a poster session from 17.00 to 18.30 in the Life Sciences building where drinks and light snacks will be served. Poster presenters should be at their posters presenting during this time interval.

Following the poster and drinks session at 19.00 the Annual Dinner will begin. This will be held in the Bristol City Museum, which is about 10-minute walk from the Life Sciences Building and close to major hotels.

Sunday 16th December: Conference

A full day of talks in parallel/triple sessions (morning) and joint session (afternoon).

Depending on the demand, it is likely that we will be offering lightning talks. We will offer delegates that submit abstracts the opportunity to decide if they deem their talk to be amenable for this format. If insufficient speakers offer themselves, the reviewing panel may make decisions based on the suitability of the abstracts.

Monday 17th December: Field-trips

We will run two field-trips: 1) the first trip will visit a classic Triassic-Jurassic section in Watchet, North Somerset; 2) the second trip will be a visit to the classic microvertebrate sites near Bristol, including Aust and several quarries with fissure fill microvertebrates.

More information on the field-trip can be found online here...

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