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Annual Meeting 2018 - Bristol: Field-trips

Number: 62nd Annual Meeting
Year: 2018
Location: Bristol
Hosted By: University of Bristol
Organised By: Dr Jakob Vinther
General Contact Email:


More infomraiton on the field-trips will apear here over the coming months.

We will run two field-trips. Places for both trips will be limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Field-trip 1:

The first trip will visit a classic Triassic-Jurassic section in Watchet, North Somerset. At this locality well-preserved ammonites can be found with ammolite quality nacre. Soft bodied coleoids and vertebrate remains are also common. This will be both a fossil-hunting trip as well as a chance to see some spectacular geology and alpine folding. Depending on the tide schedule we will be visiting a local pub with a magnificent West Country cider selection and have fish and chips.

Field-trip leader: Jakob Vinther

Field-trip 2:

The second trip will be a visit to the classic microvertebrate sites near Bristol, including Aust and several quarries with fissure fill microvertebrates.

Field Trip leaders: David Whiteside and Michael J. Benton 

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