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Progressive Palaeontology 2023 - Liverpool, UK: Field Trip – Great Orme, Llandudno

Year: 2023
Location: Liverpool, UK
Hosted By: University of Liverpool
Organised By: Samuel Cross (co-chair), Matthew Dempsey (co-chair), Amber Wood-Bailey (co-chair)
General Contact Email:

Field Trip – Great Orme, Llandudno

From the carboniferous oceans to the rise of urban civilisation - a crash course into the prehistory of North Wales.

Delegates will embark via coach on a day trip to the spectacular Carboniferous limestone pavements and quarries of Llandudno’s Great Orme. The guided trip will culminate with a visit to a quarry site within which a wide range of Palaeozoic invertebrates can be found. Collection from loose fragments is permitted. After the guided trip has concluded, attendees will be given time to explore the scenic seaside town of Llandudno prior to departure.

Locations of potential interest include:

The Great Orme Bronze Age Copper Mine, which has a £10.50 per person admission, though this can be discounted to £9.50 if booking in groups of 15 or greater.

The Llandudno Gallery and Museum, which has a £5.00 admission for students. The museum collection records the palaeontology, ancient history, and prehistory of the local area.  Neolithic artifacts and remains are a particular highlight.

The Great Orme’s summit is reachable via a tramway and cable cars as well as on-foot, providing a range of accessibility options. Note that availability and prices for the tramway and cable cars may vary, and tickets cannot be pre-booked. 

A more detailed schedule for the field day will be provided in the coming months.


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