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Progressive Palaeontology 2020 - Online: Events

Year: 2020
Location: Online
Hosted By: University of Leeds
Organised By: Bethany Allen, Andrew Mair, Adam Woodhouse, Grace Lamyman, Frances Procter, Connor O’Keefe, Ailsa Roper, Karolina Zarzyczny, Owain Fletcher Williams, Ellie Heaton, Polly Spruce
General Contact Email:


Workshop on Sampling Bias in the Fossil Record

Dr. Alex Dunhill, Dr. Graeme Lloyd and Bethany Allen

The fossil record is both temporally and spatially inconsistent due to a variety of sampling biases, and this can hinder our ability to understand macroevolutionary patterns. In recent years, a number of statistical tools have been developed to try and differentiate between variation in sampling completeness and true biological trends. Our workshop will cover the sources and scales of fossil record bias, as well as the rationale behind some of the more popular statistical approaches.

The workshop will be delivered via both recorded videos and practical exercises in R (previous experience with R is not required), which will be available for delegates to view for the duration of the conference. There will also be a live Q&A session for troubleshooting issues and discussing workshop content.

Careers in Palaeontology Panel

Sam Giles, Zoë Hughes, Elspeth Wallace, Tom Fletcher, Harrie Drage and Mark Bell.

For many of us, pursuing a career in palaeontology is a long-term goal, but what routes are available for achieving this? We will be holding a live panel with established palaeontologists who work in a variety of environments and subdisciplines, to discuss how they found success and what their advice would be for those who wish to follow in their footsteps. During the panel, the presenters will provide a brief summary of their education and career history, followed by a Q&A session during which delegates will be able to submit questions to the presenters.


Andy Mair and Adam Woodhouse

ProgPal has long been heralded as a platform for sharing cutting-edge fossil-based science, but also as the social event of the year for many student palaeontologists. While we cannot digitally replicate the traditional icebreaker and annual dinner, we will be bringing you an alternative – a palaeontology-themed “pub” quiz. Quiz questions will be livestreamed, with teams able to submit their answers via a Google Form. If your quiz team is lacking members, fear not, as we will organise a pooling system to introduce you to other delegates. In case it needs saying, you’ll need to bring your own drinks, and any answer objections must come with a citation!

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