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Progressive Palaeontology 2020 - Online: Talks and Posters

Year: 2020
Location: Online
Hosted By: University of Leeds
Organised By: Bethany Allen, Andrew Mair, Adam Woodhouse, Grace Lamyman, Frances Procter, Connor O’Keefe, Ailsa Roper, Karolina Zarzyczny, Owain Fletcher Williams, Ellie Heaton, Polly Spruce
General Contact Email:

Talks and Posters

Progressive Palaeontology (ProgPal) 2020 was held online between the 11th to 13th June due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Talks were delivered as videos, and posters placed online. Authors were provided with the option of making their talks or posters public after the event, and these are linked below. You will find a section for talks, then one for lightning talks, and finally posters.


Below you can find the talks for Progressive Palaeontology 2020 - click on the link to view the talk in your browser.

Code Authors Talk Title Link to talk
F05 Thomas Cowgill Paranasal sinus system evolution in metriorhynchoid crocodylomorphs Link
F10 Martha Gibson A tale of 2 reconstructions: how we got the British Late Permian all wrong because we forgot about plants Link
F16 Alice Maher The evolution of body shape, locomotion and ecology in terrestrial vertebrates Link
F19 Elvira Piqueras Ricote Eolarva kuanchuanpuensis is not the earliest metazoan larva Link
F23 Amy Shore Multiple branching and attachment structures in cloudinomorphs, Nama Group, Namibia Link

Lightning talks

Below you can find the lightning talks for Progressive Palaeontology 2020 - click on the link to view the talk in your browser.

Code Authors Talk Title Link to talk
L01 Sophia Anderson The Osteology of Goniacodon: Understanding a Poorly Studied Paleocene Mammal Link
L05 Milan Chroust In Europe alone: A revision of the soft-shell turtle Rafetus bohemicus (Liebus 1930) from Břešťany Clay (Lower Miocene, Czech Republic) Link
L07 Jennifer Farrant Using mass spectrometry with benthic foraminifera to investigate Early and Middle Eocene climate variability in the Rockall Trough, NE Atlantic Link
L10 Tasnuva Ming Khan The Effects of Sampling on Extinction Selectivity in Deep Time Link
L13 Katherine Marriott Sedimentological and Morphological Basis for Probable Life Appearance of Nostoceratid Heteromorph Ammonoids Link
L14 Brett Martin Palaeoenvironment Reconstruction and Biostratigraphy of the Maltese Archipelago and its Implications for Modern Climate Change Link
L20 Edwin Rodriguez Dzul Fossil microorganisms from the Rhynie Chert: importance and implications for early ecosystems Link
L24 Savanna van Mesdag Hyperossification in the vertebral column of Devonian placoderm fishes (Arthrodira) Link


Below you can find the posters for Progressive Palaeontology 2020 - click on the link to view the poster in your browser.

Authors Title Link to poster

Billie Jones, Christine Janis, Emily Rayfield

Limb proportions indicate Protemnodon’s locomotion was divergent from modern large macropodines.
View Poster

Charlotte Beasley, Daniel B. Parvaz, Laura Cotton, Kate Littler

Liberating microfossils from indurated carbonates: comparison of three disaggregation methods
View Poster

Charlotte Bird, Stephan Lautenschlager, Paul Barrett

Brainteasers: Evolution and variation in cynodont endocranial anatomy
View Poster

Jack Cooper, John Hutchinson, Matt Dicken, Jan Menzel, Catalina Pimiento

A 3D reconstruction of the extinct giant shark Otodus megalodon
View Poster

Ravi Kiran Koorapati, Laura Cotton

Evolution of reticulate Nummulites across the Eocene-Oligocene transition: comparisons from 2D sections and 3D reconstructions
View Poster

William Rutter, Marios Miliorizos

Topological and algebraic expressions for the microstructure and septal growth styles of the Zaphrentis delanouei species group.
View Poster
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