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Annual Meeting 2020 - Virtual Meeting: Overview

Number: 64th Annual Meeting
Year: 2020
Location: Virtual Meeting
Hosted By: Oxford University Museum of Natural History, UK
Organised By: Organising committee chaired by Dr Jack Matthews
General Contact Email:


The Annual Meeting of the Palaeontological Association will be held between 16-18 December 2020, and run as a virtual conference, with all events taking place online. The organising committee is chaired by Dr Jack Matthews, and the event will be hosted online by the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.  

This year’s virtual Annual Meeting offers the opportunity for attendees from around the world to watch presentations live, and interact, discuss, and debate palaeontology in real-time. As well as three exciting styles of presentations, the meeting will also feature a Symposium, Annual Address, the Annual General Meeting and a number of interactive and engaging social events.  

Code of Conduct

We ask that all delegates familiarise themselves with the Palaeontological Association’s Code of Conduct for the meeting.


This year the organizers have arranged for a number of illustrators to attend the Annual Meeting. Inspired by the presentations being made, they will be making their illustrations available online, so do keep an eye on social media to catch your favourite talks in artistic form.

Social Media

With the Annual Meeting taking place online, social media becomes an even more important way for us to share our experience of the meeting with others. Please be respectful of the wishes of authors if they do not wish their work to shared online. We look forward to hearing all your thoughts on various social media outlets, and encourage the use of the official hashtag #PalAss20.

Carer’s Bursary

For those with caring responsibilities who need paid help to enable their attendance at the meeting, our Carer's Bursary is available and open for applications until 30th November. Please see the webpage:


For our Virtual Annual Meeting it seemed appropriate that the logo should feature a virtual fossil. This model of a trilobite, an enrolled Bailiaspis ? glabrata, is based on CT scans and 3D reconstructions by Imran Rahman, Deputy Head of Research at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and member of the Organising Committee. The model is part of 3D computer simulations associated with a paper in Palaeontology by Jorge Esteve and colleagues on modelling enrolment in Cambrian trilobites. The image is used with their permission.

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