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Special Papers in Palaeontology Archive

Special Papers in Paleontology range from monographic treatments of groups to edited volumes on linked themes. Currently backissues are available for Number 1 through 70 and are provide free of charge in the form of downloadable PDFs. Paper copies may be bought from our online shop.

A full list of references for the Special Papers in Palaeontology that are included in the archive can be viewed here: Full Citation List

Please note that currently not all the articles from 1-70 which we have scanned are currently online. It should be noted that we do not currently have any electronic versions of Numbers 56, 63, and 68. If you require one of the missing articles contact the Executive Officer ( We hope to rectify this issue soon.

Number: 74

Monograph: Brachiopods from the Dashaba Formation (Middle Ordovician) of Sichuan Province, South-West China

Publication: Special Papers in Palaeontology
Number: 74
Publication Date: 2005
Page(s): 1–63
Authored by: Ren-Bin Zhan and Jisuo Jin