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Monograph: Lower Turonian ammonites from Israel

Special Papers in Palaeontology - No. 4 - Cover Image
Publication: Special Papers in Palaeontology
Number: 4
Publication Date: 1969
Page(s): 1 83
Authored By: R. Freund and M. Raab
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FREUND, R. and RAAB, M. 1969. Lower Turonian ammonites from Israel. Special Papers in Palaeontology4, 1–83.

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The Palaeontological Association (Free Access)


Sixty species and subspecies of twenty genera of Lower Turonian ammonites from the Middle East are described and figured. Fagesia lenticularis sp. nov., including three new subspecies (lenticularis, asymmetrica, and elliptica) and Choffaticeras ludae trisellatum subsp. nov. are defined. The genera PseudaspidocerasParamammites, Paravascoceras, Fagesia, Choffaticeras, and Protexanites are revised and redefined. Seven biostratigraphic zones based on the ammonites studied are suggested. Some of these zones are correlatable with the Lower Turonian sequences of North and West Africa and of Western Europe.

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