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Monograph: Upper Cretaceous Ostracoda from the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

Special Papers in Palaeontology - No. 10 - Cover Image
Publication: Special Papers in Palaeontology
Number: 10
Publication Date: 1972
Page(s): 1 85
Authored By: R. H. Bate
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BATE, R. H. 1972. Upper Cretaceous Ostracoda from the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia. Special Papers in Palaeontology10, 1–85.

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The Palaeontological Association (Free Access)


Coniacian, Santonian, and Campanian ostracod faunas, comprising some 54 species, are described from the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia. Of these, 9 genera and 32 species are new; 2 genera and 22 species, also new, are left under open nomenclature.

The ostracod fauna is identified as a Southern Hemisphere fauna, of which 11 genera are unknown in the north. A twelfth genus, Oculocytheropteron nov., is not yet confirmed as being entirely a southern form. 1 cosmopolitan genus, Cytherella Jones, is represented by 3 atypical species.

The stratigraphical value of the ostracods is shown and the lateral equivalence of the upper part of the Toolonga Calcilutite with the Korojon Calcarenite confirmed. A new hinge type, characteristic of the Cytheruridae, is identified and named peratodont. 4 variations (holoperatodont, hemiperatodont, paraperatodont, and artioperatodont) are recognized.

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