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Article: Distribution of spore and pollen assemblages in the Lower Kittanning coal of western Pennsylvania

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 9
Part: 4
Publication Date: December 1966
Page(s): 629 666
Author(s): D. Habib
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HABIB, D. 1966. Distribution of spore and pollen assemblages in the Lower Kittanning coal of western Pennsylvania. Palaeontology9, 4, 629–666.

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Palynological study of the Lower Kittanning coal seam of western Pennsylvania (Allegheny Series; lower Westphalian D) has revealed an orderly vertical and geographical distribution of spore and pollen assemblages.Assemblages characterized by Densosporites and Punctatisporites (P. obliquus) occur in the uppermost zones where the seam is directly overlain by marine and restricted-marine faunal facies, respectively, of the Lower Kittanning shale. The greatest vertical variation of assemblages occurs at these localities. Where the seam is in direct contact with the overlying freshwater facies, however, it remains dominated throughout its thickness by assemblages rich in Lycospora. Fewer assemblages occur at these localities. Because of the distribution of spore and pollen assemblages in the seam and faunal facies in the overlying shale, a genetic relationship is suggested.New taxa include two genera, Spackmanites and Paleospora, and thirty-three species.
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