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Article: Descriptions of schizaeaceous spores taken from Early Cretaceous macrofossils

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 9
Part: 2
Publication Date: July 1966
Page(s): 274 289
Author(s): N. F. Hughes and Judith Moody-Stuart
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HUGHES, N. F., MOODY-STUART, J. 1966. Descriptions of schizaeaceous spores taken from Early Cretaceous macrofossils. Palaeontology9, 2, 274–289.

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Full descriptions are given of spores taken from the original macrofossil material of Ruffordia goepperti (Dunk.), Pelletieria valdensis Seward, and Schizaeopsis americana Berry. All three plants are of Early Cretaceous age, the first two from the Lower Wealden of England, and the last from the Patuxent Formation of the Potomac Group of Virginia, U.S.A. The use of measurements in the erection of species in the dispersed spore genus Cicatricosisporites is discussed in the light of these observations.
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