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Article: Two new genera of Silurian phacopid trilobites

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 7
Part: 4
Publication Date: January 1965
Page(s): 541 551
Author(s): R. B. Rickards
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RICKARDS, R. B. 1965. Two new genera of Silurian phacopid trilobites. Palaeontology7, 4, 541–551.

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Delops and Struveria, two new genera of trilobites, are defined. Certain species hitherto placed in the genus Dalmanites s.l.are referred to these genera and to the subfamily Zeliszkellinae Delo 1935. The evolutionary relationships are briefly discussed. The following are described: Delops obtusicaudatus (Salter), D. nobilis nobilis (Thomas), D. n. marri subsp. nov., and Struveria howgillensis sp. nov.
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