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Article: Wealden mammalian fossils

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 6
Part: 1
Publication Date: April 1963
Page(s): 55 69
Author(s): William A. Clemens
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CLEMENS, W. A. 1963. Wealden mammalian fossils. Palaeontology6, 1, 55–69.

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Only two of the previous identifications of specimens considered to be teeth of Wealden mammals can be accepted without reservation. A special collecting technique including both chemical and mechanical processes facilitated the discovery of eight more Wealden mammalian fossils. Five were found in the Cliff End Bone Bed, a part of the Ashdown Beds, and the remainder in the Paddockhurst Bone Bed, a part of the Grinstead Clay. These fossils give additional information about the morphology of the multituberculate Loxaulax valdensis and demonstrate the presence of a symmetrodont and eupantothere in England in the early (pre-Aptian) Cretaceous.
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