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Article: New stem elephant-shrews (Mammalia, Macroscelidea) from the Eocene of Dur At-Talah, Libya

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 55
Part: 5
Publication Date: September 2012
Page(s): 945 955
Author(s): Rodolphe Tabuce, Jean-Jacques Jaeger, Laurent Marivaux, Mustapha Salem, Awad Abolhassan Bilal, Mouloud Benammi, Yaowalak Chaimanee, Pauline Coster, Bernard Marandat, Xavier Valentin and Michel Brunet
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TABUCE, R., JAEGER, J., MARIVAUX, L., SALEM, M., BILAL, A., BENAMMI, M., CHAIMANEE, Y., COSTER, P., MARANDAT, B., VALENTIN, X., BRUNET, M. 2012. New stem elephant-shrews (Mammalia, Macroscelidea) from the Eocene of Dur At-Talah, Libya. Palaeontology55, 5, 945–955.

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