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Article: Revision of the disparid Stylocrinus (Crinoidea) from the Devonian of Europe, Asia and Australia

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 54
Part: 5
Publication Date: September 2011
Page(s): 1177 1197
Author(s): Jan Bohatý
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BOHATÝ, J. 2011. Revision of the disparid Stylocrinus (Crinoidea) from the Devonian of Europe, Asia and Australia. Palaeontology54, 5, 1177–1197.

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The discovery of new specimens and the restudy of known collections result in revision of the diagnosis and the stratigraphic distribution of the disparid crinoid genus Stylocrinus, from the Middle and Upper Devonian of Europe, Asia and Australia. The consistent development of three basal plates, the atomous arms with internally inclined edges adjoining laterally with adjacent brachials in an interlocking network and an apparently rudimentary pinnulation is recognised. The high ecophenotypic plasticity of the common species S. tabulatus negates the validity of several former subspecies and demonstrates the general morphologic variability of the aboral cup proportions. This contrasts with the low morphological spectrum of rarer stylocrinid species. With exclusion of ‘S. elimatus’ (Silurian) from Stylocrinus, the genus is limited to the Devonian. A neotype is proposed for the lost holotype of S. tabulatus. Stylocrinus prescheri sp. nov. is described from the Eifelian to Givetian of Europe and Asia. The first evidence of the gastropod grazing trace fossil Radulichnus on a crinoid aboral cup (S. tabulatus), the post-mortem incurred ossicular-boring of radial and basal plates as well as the post-mortem encrusting by a rugose coral are further observations on Stylocrinus aboral cups.
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