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Article: New Trigonioidoidea (Bivalvia; Unionoida) from the Early Cretaceous of Spain

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 54
Part: 3
Publication Date: May 2011
Page(s): 631 638
Author(s): Graciela Delvene and Martin Munt
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DELVENE, G., MUNT, M. 2011. New Trigonioidoidea (Bivalvia; Unionoida) from the Early Cretaceous of Spain. Palaeontology54, 3, 631–638.

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Two taxa belonging to the Trigonioidoidea (Order Unionoida) are described from the Early Cretaceous of Spain. Nippononaia (Paranippononaia) camerana subgen. et sp. nov. is described from the Aptian of the Cameros Basin of the north-west Iberian Range. Subnippononaia fordi Barker etal., 1997 is described from new material from the Calizas de la Huérguina Formation (Late Barremian) from Las Hoyas and Buenache de la Sierra, Cuenca Province, and Subnippononaia is raised to generic status. The stratigraphy and palaeoenvironment of the Cornago G exposure of the Enciso Group where Nippononaia (Paranippononaia) camerana originates is interpreted as a fresh to brackish water system
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