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Article: First beetle elytra, abdomen (Coleoptera) and a mine trace from Lunz (Carnian, Late Triassic, Lunz-am-See, Austria) and their taphonomical and evolutionary aspects

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 54
Part: 1
Publication Date: January 2011
Page(s): 97 110
Author(s): Barbara Meller, Alexander G. Ponomarenko, Dmitry V. Vasilenko, Thilo C. Fischer and Birgitt Aschauer
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MELLER, B., PONOMARENKO, A. G., VASILENKO, D. V., FISCHER, T. C., ASCHAUER, B. 2011. First beetle elytra, abdomen (Coleoptera) and a mine trace from Lunz (Carnian, Late Triassic, Lunz-am-See, Austria) and their taphonomical and evolutionary aspects. Palaeontology54, 1, 97–110.

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