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Article: Early Llandovery chitinozoans from Jordan

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 52
Part: 3
Publication Date: May 2009
Page(s): 593 629
Author(s): Anthony Butcher
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BUTCHER, A. 2009. Early Llandovery chitinozoans from Jordan. Palaeontology52, 3, 593–629.

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Chitinozoans recovered from cores BG-14 and WS-6 in southern and eastern Jordan are described. Sample ages are well-constrained by graptolite data to the ascensus-acuminatus and vesiculosus graptolite biozones. Eighteen chitinozoan taxa are recognized, with Spinachitina fragilis, Plectochitina nodifera, Ancyrochitina laevaensis and Belonechitina postrobusta allowing correlation with both local and global chitinozoan and graptolite biozonations for the Rhuddanian. One new species of chitinozoan is erected, Belonechitina pseudarabiensis sp. nov.
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