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Article: Late Hettangian (Early Jurassic) ammonites from Taseko Lakes, British Columbia, Canada

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 51
Part: 2
Publication Date: March 2008
Page(s): 367 404
Author(s): Louise M. Longridge, Paul L. Smith and Howard W. Tipper
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LONGRIDGE, L. M., SMITH, P. L., TIPPER, H. W. 2008. Late Hettangian (Early Jurassic) ammonites from Taseko Lakes, British Columbia, Canada. Palaeontology51, 2, 367–404.

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The Taseko Lakes area yields the most diverse and well-preserved late Hettangian ammonite assemblage in British Columbia. In total, 27 ammonite taxa are described, of which Fergusonites hendersonae, Eolytoceras constrictum and Pseudaetomoceras victoriense are new. Based on this study, Phylloceras cf. asperaense Hillebrandt, Togaticeras togatum (Neumayr), T. aff. goisernense Rakús, Eolytoceras aff. guexi Taylor, Discamphiceras aff. silberlingi Guex, Schlotheimia cf. cuevitensis Hillebrandt and Franziceras aff. graylockense Taylor are newly recognized in the North American Mineralense Zone whereas Nevadaphyllites psilomorphus (Neumayr), N. aff. compressus Guex, Fergusonites hendersonae sp. nov., Eolytoceras chongi Hillebrandt, E. constrictum sp. nov., Paracaloceras spp. A and B, P.? spp., Metophioceras? sp. and Schreinbachites? aff. laqueoides (Hyatt) are newly recognized in the Rursicostatum Zone. Discamphiceras silberlingi, D. sp. nov., Alsatites aff. bipartitus (Hillebrandt), Alsatites sp., Pseudaetomoceras victoriense sp. nov. and Paracaloceras aff. varaense Hillebrandt are newly recognized in both the Mineralense and Rursicostatum zones. The Taseko Lakes fauna allows clear correlations with contemporaneous strata in other areas of North America as well as with the Canadensis Zone and probably the Arcuatum horizon of the South American succession. Broad correlations are also possible with Hettangian or lowest Sinemurian strata in New Zealand and the eastern Tethys. Furthermore, the Taseko Lakes fauna permits correlation of the Mineralense and Rursicostatum zones with the circum-Mediterranean Marmoreum Zone. Finally, this fauna suggests that the Mineralense Zone and the lower to middle portion of the Rursicostatum Zone in Taseko Lakes are equivalent to the Complanata Subzone whereas the upper portion of the Rursicostatum Zone correlates with the Depressa Subzone of the north-west European Angulata Zone.

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