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Article: The Early Triassic 'lizard' Colubrifer campi: a reassessment

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 44
Part: 5
Publication Date: September 2001
Page(s): 1033 1041
Author(s): Susan E. Evans
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EVANS, S. E. 2001. The Early Triassic 'lizard' Colubrifer campi: a reassessment. Palaeontology44, 5, 1033–1041.

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Colubrifer campi Carroll, 1982 is a small reptile represented by a single skeleton from the Lower Triassic of South Africa. Carroll attributed the genus to the Squamata, proposing that it was a derived lizard with reduced limbs. Re-examination of the specimen permits a rather different interpretation of the skull. The holotype of Colubrifer is the skeleton of a small primitive procolophonian, almost certainly referable to the established South African genus Owenetta.
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