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Article: The earliest known pig from the Upper Eocene of Thailand

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 41
Part: 1
Publication Date: January 1998
Page(s): 147 156
Author(s): S. Ducrocq, Y. Chaimanee, V. Suteethorn and J.-J. Jaeger
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DUCROCQ, S., CHAIMANEE, Y., SUTEETHORN, V., JAEGER, J. 1998. The earliest known pig from the Upper Eocene of Thailand. Palaeontology41, 1, 147–156.

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Several dental remains of a new suid, Siamochoerus banmarkensis gen. et sp. nov., have been collected in the Late Eocene Krabi basin in southern Thailand. This species is morphologically close to but more primitive than Dubiotherium waterhousi (formerly Palaeochoerus waterhousi), and represents one of the oldest known suids. The date of origination of suids can therefore be placed back to the Late Eocene or even earlier, and the early evolution and diversification of the family might have occurred largely in the Oligocene of Asia.
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