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Article: A review of the evidence for a 'Nebraskan' fauna in the Scottish Carboniferous

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 4
Part: 4
Publication Date: January 1962
Page(s): 507 519
Author(s): R. B. Wilson
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WILSON, R. B. 1962. A review of the evidence for a 'Nebraskan' fauna in the Scottish Carboniferous. Palaeontology4, 4, 507–519.

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W. Hind claimed that a lamellibranch and gastropod fauna from the lower part of the Passage Group, Upper Carboniferous of Scotland, had strong North American affinities. The specimens on which this claim was based have been re-examined and it is now thought that this fauna is indigenous to Britain. Those specimens which can be identified specifically belong to species unrecorded from America. Two new lamellibranch species, Euchondria bilstonensis and Schizodus taiti, are described.
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