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Article: The fossil cycads [Fourth Annual Address, delivered 8 March 1961]

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 4
Part: 3
Publication Date: October 1961
Page(s): 313 323
Author(s): Tom M. Harris
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HARRIS, T. M. 1961. The fossil cycads [Fourth Annual Address, delivered 8 March 1961]. Palaeontology4, 3, 313–323.

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The fossils considered are those in which attribution of one organ to the Cycadales (in the strict sense) is supported by the evidence from a different organ believed to be of the same plant. It thus deals with Palaeocycas+Bjuvia; Androstrobus prisma+Pseudoctenis lanei; Androstrobus spp.+Beania spp.+Nilssonia spp. Two classic fossil Cycads, Cycadospadix and Dioonitocarpidium, are considered not fully convincing. The kind of evidence needed is mentioned and the need is urged for assembling separate fossil organs into further synthetic plants.
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