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Article: Namurian plant spores from the Southern Pennines, England

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 4
Part: 2
Publication Date: July 1961
Page(s): 247 279
Author(s): R. Neves
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NEVES, R. 1961. Namurian plant spores from the Southern Pennines, England. Palaeontology4, 2, 247–279.

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Selected fossil spores from coals and carbonaceous shales of Namurian age from the Southern Pennines area of England are described, and their stratigraphic ranges given with reference to the standard sequence of goniatite stages. The types of sediment in which the spores are found are recorded, and the apparent association of certain spore types with particular sediments is discussed. Two new series of fossil spores are proposed—Pseudocingulati and Membranati; two new genera—Secarisporites and Hymenospora—and twenty-seven new species are described and illustrated. Disaccate pollen grains of the Pityosporites-Vesicaspora type are recorded for the first time from strata of Namurian age.
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