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Article: Lower Carboniferous gastropod faunas from Old Cannindah, Queensland

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 4
Part: 1
Publication Date: April 1961
Page(s): 59 70
Author(s): W. G. H. Maxwell
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MAXWELL, W. G. H. 1961. Lower Carboniferous gastropod faunas from Old Cannindah, Queensland. Palaeontology4, 1, 59–70.

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Gastropod faunas from Old Cannindah are the lowest found in a Lower Carboniferous sequence of strata, beginning with calcareous subgreywacke and detrital limestones and terminating with reef limestones. Rich faunas of molluscs, brachiopods, and corals occur throughout. The gastropod faunas include one new genus Austroworthenia, and six new species, as well as an indeterminate one—Euphemites minutus, Waagenella microstriata, Straparolus australis, S. subdionysii, Austroworthenia levis, Loxonema lamellosa, and Phymatifer sp. indet. The species have strong affinities with European forms of late Tournaisian-early Visean age.
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