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Article: Telephinid trilobites from the Ordovician of Sweden

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 38
Part: 2
Publication Date: August 1995
Page(s): 259 285
Author(s): Per Ahlberg
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AHLBERG, P. 1995. Telephinid trilobites from the Ordovician of Sweden. Palaeontology38, 2, 259–285.

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Twelve telephinid trilobite species, all assigned to the genus Telephina, from the Middle and Upper Ordovician of Sweden are described or discussed. In Sweden, the genus appears in equivalents of the uppermost Didymograptus murchisoni Biozone and ranges into the late Ashgill or Harjuan (Jerrestadian Stage), where only one species, T. wegelini, is present. The others are restricted largely to strata belonging to the Hustedograptus teretiusculus and Nemagraptus gracilis biozones. In Baltoscandia, telephinid trilobites are commonest in finegrained rocks west of the Central Baltoscandian Confacies Belt, and they seem to have occupied relatively peripheral sites on the continental plate of Baltica.
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