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Article: A new barnacle from the Lower Jurassic of South Wales

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 37
Part: 4
Publication Date: March 1995
Page(s): 901 905
Author(s): P. Hodges
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HODGES, P. 1995. A new barnacle from the Lower Jurassic of South Wales. Palaeontology37, 4, 901–905.

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A previously unknown cirriped from the semicostatum Biozone of the Lower Lias of Bridgend, South Wales is described. The fused scutum and tergum, and the lack of any indication of a peduncle, indicates some loose affinities with the Verrucomorpha. However, the tooth-like nature of scutum and tergum are unlike the plate in any other known cirriped. A new taxon Bassettina cambriensis is assigned to a new family, the Bassettinidae.
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