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Article: A draft system for the identification and description of arthropod trackways

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 37
Part: 4
Publication Date: March 1995
Page(s): 811 823
Author(s): Nigel H. Trewin
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TREWIN, N. H. 1995. A draft system for the identification and description of arthropod trackways. Palaeontology37, 4, 811–823.

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The general morphological features of arthropod trackways are defined under headings of trackway width, imprint morphologies, track rows, repeat distance, symmetry, continuous marks, discontinuous marks and trackway curvature. These features are combined in a standard format for use in trackway description and diagnosis. The data can be used in a Trackway Data System, in which trackway attributes are represented by a formula of numbers and letters. The establishment of such a system and associated database would be a useful aid in identification and comparison of trackways using computer-based grouping or by construction of an Expert System. However, many genera will require redefinition and description before a sufficiently detailed database can be established.
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