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Article: Late Ordovician lingulate brachiopods from Estonia

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 37
Part: 3
Publication Date: November 1994
Page(s): 627 650
Author(s): Leonid Popov, Jaak Nõlvak and Lars E. Holmer
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POPOV, L., NÕLVAK, J., HOLMER, L. E. 1994. Late Ordovician lingulate brachiopods from Estonia. Palaeontology37, 3, 627–650.

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The Ungulate brachiopod fauna from the Upper Ordovician Harju Series of southern Estonia consists of nine taxa, including the new acrotretid species Rhinotreta laeta, Opsiconidion praecursor, and Scaphelasma scutula. The unusual brachiopod-dominated assemblage was isolated by acid etching, mainly from a thin aphanitic limestone unit in the lower Pirgu Stage of the Viljandi core. The pitted micro-ornament on the larval and postlarval shell and the deep emarginature (pedicle notch) of the lingulide Rowellella minuta suggests that it belongs to the Zhanatellidae.
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