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Article: Problematical microfossils from the Silurian of Ireland and Scotland

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 36
Part: 4
Publication Date: December 1993
Page(s): 771 783
Author(s): Annalisa Ferretti, Charles Hepworth Holland and Erika Syba
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FERRETTI, A., HOLLAND, C., SYBA, E. 1993. Problematical microfossils from the Silurian of Ireland and Scotland. Palaeontology36, 4, 771–783.

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Problematical microfossils are described from the Silurian of the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, Ireland and from a clast in the Old Red Sandstone Greywacke Conglomerate of the Midland Valley of Scotland. They are assigned to Sandvikina under the new specific name conica. The Irish material includes also single specimens of Sandvikina sp. and Regnellia camera. All these microfossils, which appear to be closely related, are here assigned to the new family Regnellidae, which, on present evidence, is characteristic of the Silurian.
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