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Article: The brachiopod Stolmorhynchia stolidota from the Bajocian of Dorset, England

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 36
Part: 1
Publication Date: March 1993
Page(s): 195 200
Author(s): Colin D. Prosser
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PROSSER, C. D. 1993. The brachiopod Stolmorhynchia stolidota from the Bajocian of Dorset, England. Palaeontology36, 1, 195–200.

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Numerous nominal species of the genus Stolmorhynchia have been recorded worldwide. These vary considerably in morphology and in reality are unlikely to belong to the same genus. The type species of Stolmorhynchia from the Bajocian of Dorset, Stolmorhynchia stolidota Buckman, 1918, is described in detail for the first time. This description provides a clear picture of the true nature of the genus Stolmorhynchia, and a sound foundation from which to redefine it. Species recorded from the Caucasus appear to be the only other forms which can definitely be attributed to Stolmorhynchia.
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