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Article: New cladid crinoids from the late Ordovician of Girvan, Scotland

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 35
Part: 1
Publication Date: January 1992
Page(s): 149 158
Author(s): Stephen K. Donovan
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DONOVAN, S. K. 1992. New cladid crinoids from the late Ordovician of Girvan, Scotland. Palaeontology35, 1, 149–158.

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Two new species of cladid crinoids are described from the Starfish Bed (Ashgill, late Rawtheyan) at Threave Glen, near Girvan, southwest Scotland; this bed has yielded the most diverse crinoid fauna of any British Ordovician locality. Euspirocrinus girvanensis sp. nov. is based on a unique internal mould of the dorsal cup and anal series. The five infrabasal plates form a low circlet, the anal X plate is infolded and the short anal series comprises numerous small polygonal plates, Dendrocrinus collapsus sp. nov. is known from five specimens, all external moulds. The anal sac and dorsal cup of this species bear a distinctive ribbed sculpture.
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