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Article: The first dicynodont from the Late Permian of Malagasy

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 34
Part: 4
Publication Date: November 1991
Page(s): 837 842
Author(s): Jean Michel Mazin and Gillian M. King
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MAZIN, J., KING, G. M. 1991. The first dicynodont from the Late Permian of Malagasy. Palaeontology34, 4, 837–842.

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Until now, no therapsid was known with any certainty from Malagasy. The present specimen, discovered in 1948, but never described, is the first record of a complete dicynodont skull from this country. A description of the skull is given and it is referred to a new species of the genus Oudenodon. The rarity of dicynodonts in Malagasy may be because of environmental differences from the adjoining landmass of Africa.
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