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Article: A Late Triassic cynodont from the American south-west

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 31
Part: 2
Publication Date: May 1988
Page(s): 445 449
Author(s): Spencer G. Lucas and Wayne Oakes
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LUCAS, S. G., OAKES, W. 1988. A Late Triassic cynodont from the American south-west. Palaeontology31, 2, 445–449.

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A right dentary fragment and two postcanine teeth from the upper shale member of the Chinle Formation (Late Triassic: Norian) at Bull Canyon, Guadalupe County, New Mexico represent a new species of cynodont, Pseudotriconodon chatterjeei. P. chatterjeei differs from P. wildi from the Norian of Luxembourg, type and only other known species of Pseudotriconodon, by its smaller size and striated enamel. The term Dromatheriidae has been used to embrace small cynodonts with multicuspate, laterally compressed postcanine teeth, but too little is known of the dromatheriids to confirm the unity of the family or assess unambiguously their phylogenetic relationships to other cynodonts.
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