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Article: English Eocene Crustacea (lobsters and stomatopod)

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 30
Part: 3
Publication Date: August 1987
Page(s): 581 612
Author(s): W. J. Quayle
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QUAYLE, W. J. 1987. English Eocene Crustacea (lobsters and stomatopod). Palaeontology30, 3, 581–612.

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The Eocene lobsters from the London Clay, Bracklesham and Barton Beds are revised. Nine species of lobster are represented, three new, Homarus morrisi, Hoploparia wardi, and H. victoriae, belonging to six genera. Trachysoma scabrum Bell is placed in Glyphea. The remaining species, H. gammaroides M'Coy, Archaeocarabus bowerbanki M'Coy, Linuparus eocenicus Woods, L. scyllariformis (Bell), and Scyllarides tuberculatus (Konig), are redescribed with further information. The stomatopod Squilla wetherelli Woodward is redescribed and placed in Bathysquilla.
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