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Article: Restudy of types of seven Ordovician bifoliate Bryozoa

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 3
Part: 1
Publication Date: May 1960
Page(s): 1 25
Author(s): June R. P. Phillips
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PHILLIPS, J. R. P. 1960. Restudy of types of seven Ordovician bifoliate Bryozoa. Palaeontology3, 1, 1–25.

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Restudy of original material and additional specimens for the type species of six bifoliate cryptostome genera indicates the need for revising the current suprageneric classification. The genera involved are regrouped into three informally named taxonomic categories. Escharopora recta Hall, Graptodictya perelegans (Ulrich), G. elegantula (Hall), and Stictoporella interstincta Ulrich are placed in the escharoporid group, Stictopora fenes-trata Hall, S. nicholsoni (Ulrich), and Eurydictya montifera Ulrich are placed in the stictoporid group, and Pachydictya robusta Ulrich and probably Trigonodictya conciliatrix (Ulrich) stand in the pachydictyid group. The categories are distinguished from each other by distinctive lamellate zooecial wall structures, mode of growth of the zooecium from the mesothecal plane, and occurrence of mesopores, acanthopores, and transverse structures in the zooecial tube.Sectioning of the type species of Stictopora, S.fenestrata, reveals that the genus Rhinidictya is a synonym of Stictopora.
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