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Article: Poriferan affinities of Mesozoic stromatoporoids

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 29
Part: 3
Publication Date: September 1986
Page(s): 469 473
Author(s): R. A. Wood and J. Reitner
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WOOD, R. A., REITNER, J. 1986. Poriferan affinities of Mesozoic stromatoporoids. Palaeontology29, 3, 469–473.

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The finding of calcite and pyrite spicule pseudomorphs of monaxon spicules in six genera of Mesozoic stromatoporoids confirms poriferan affinities for at least some representatives of this group. Previously, the systematic position has been speculated upon solely from the internal organization of the skeleton.
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