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Article: Ostracoda from the middle Eocene of Assam

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 28
Part: 2
Publication Date: May 1985
Page(s): 355 385
Author(s): John W. Neale and Pratap Singh
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NEALE, J. W., SINGH, P. 1985. Ostracoda from the middle Eocene of Assam. Palaeontology28, 2, 355–385.

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A traverse across the middle Eocene part of the Sylhet Formation in the Deopani Region of Assam has yielded a well-preserved Tertiary ostracod fauna. Of the twenty-nine species, twenty-two are new, one has previously been recorded elsewhere and six are left under open nomenclature. A further specimen is left under open nomenclature as a probable new subspecies of one of the new species described here. Examination of their distribution enables three successive faunas to be recognized above a lower group of beds which has not yet yielded ostracods.
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