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Article: Rhyniophytina and Trimerophytina from the early land flora of Victoria, Australia

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 27
Part: 2
Publication Date: May 1984
Page(s): 265 279
Author(s): J. D. Tims and T. C. Chambers
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TIMS, J. D., CHAMBERS, T. C. 1984. Rhyniophytina and Trimerophytina from the early land flora of Victoria, Australia. Palaeontology27, 2, 265–279.

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New records of northern hemisphere plant genera are described from the Lower Plant Assemblage (Late Silurian, Ludlovian) and the Wilson Creek Shale (Early Devonian, Pragian/Siegenian) of Victoria, Australia. The genera, the rhyniophyte Salopella of which there are two new species S. australis and S. caespitosa, and Dawsonites, represented by D. subarcuatus sp. nov., which is the first recording of a trimerophyte in Victoria and probably in the Southern Hemisphere, were found associated with Baragwanathia and are new additions to the Baragwanathia flora.
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