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Article: Juvenile specimens of the ornithischian dinosaur Psittacosaurus

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 25
Part: 1
Publication Date: January 1982
Page(s): 89 107
Author(s): W. P. Coombs Jr.
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, W. P. J. 1982. Juvenile specimens of the ornithischian dinosaur PsittacosaurusPalaeontology25, 1, 89–107.

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Hitherto undescribed specimens of Psittacosaurus mongoliensis from the Oshih Fm., Mongolian Peoples' Republic, include two almost complete skulls and numerous postcranial elements. A rostral bone, present in these and other specimens of Psittacosaurus, is a cranial element otherwise known only in ceratopsians, and its presence indicates a sister group relationship for the Psittacosauridae and Ceratopsia. Each of the two new specimens of Psittacosaurus is a juvenile, and are among the smallest dinosaur specimens yet described. Parental attendance of nests was common, possibly universal among dinosaurs, but post-hatching parental care is uncertain. Juveniles of Psittacosaurus, as well as those of other dinosaurs, may have formed sibling groups.
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