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Article: Anomalous occurrences of the lower Palaeozoic brachiopod Schizocrania

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 23
Part: 3
Publication Date: August 1980
Page(s): 707 713
Author(s): M. G. Lockley and D. D. J. Antia
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LOCKLEY, M. G., ANTIA, D. D. J. 1980. Anomalous occurrences of the lower Palaeozoic brachiopod SchizocraniaPalaeontology23, 3, 707–713.

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There are rare occurrences of Ordovician and Silurian species of the inarticulate brachiopod Schizocrania attached to orthoconic cephalopod shells. These were probably transported considerable distances prior to their deposition in onshore sediments, in which Schizocrania is not normally found. Relationships between host and encruster are discussed with a view to elucidating both encrustation sequences and inferred ecological associations.
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