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Article: The trilobite Eccoptochile from the Ordovician of northern Portugal

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 23
Part: 3
Publication Date: August 1980
Page(s): 605 616
Author(s): M. Romano
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ROMANO, M. 1980. The trilobite Eccoptochile from the Ordovician of northern Portugal. Palaeontology23, 3, 605–616.

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The eccoptochilinid trilobile fauna from the Ordovician of the Valongo area, north Portugal, is revised. The holotype of Eccoptochile (?Eccoptochile) mariana (Verneuil and Barrande, 1855) is redescribed and figured and the species is restricted to the type specimen and two specimens from Valongo. Specimens previously described as E. (?E.) mariana from Spain, north Portugal, and southern England, together with other and new material from Portugal are here included within the new species E. (Eccoptochile) almadenensis. E. (Eccoptochile) cf. clavigera (Beyrich, 1845) is recorded from the Valongo area.
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