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Article: The jaws and radula of the Jurassic ammonite Dactylioceras

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 22
Part: 1
Publication Date: January 1979
Page(s): 265 271
Author(s): Ulrich Lehmann
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LEHMANN, U. 1979. The jaws and radula of the Jurassic ammonite DactyliocerasPalaeontology22, 1, 265–271.

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Anaptychi (=lower jaws) and upper jaws of two specimens of Dactylioceras from the Yorkshire coast, found within their living chambers, are described and analysed. The corresponding lower and upper jaws are about equal in length and much shorter than the height of the living chambers. One of the ammonites contained numerous radular teeth between the lower and upper jaw. In addition, isolated lower and upper jaws attributed to Dactylioceras are reported from Reichenschwand (near Nurnberg, Federal Republic of Germany).
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