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Article: Protostigmaria, a new plant organ from the Lower Mississippian of Virginia

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 18
Part: 1
Publication Date: January 1975
Page(s): 19 24
Author(s): James R. Jennings
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JENNINGS, J. R. 1975. Protostigmaria, a new plant organ from the Lower Mississippian of Virginia. Palaeontology18, 1, 19–24.

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A lycopod underground system from the Price Formation (Lower Mississippian) of Virginia is described as Protostigmaria eggertiana. The material consists of impressions that occur in shale and clay underneath a coal in the upper part of the Price Formation. The zone containing the fossil plants resembles the stigmarian underclays that underlie coals of Upper Mississippian and Pennsylvanian age. The plant organ is corm-like, and has short downward extensions to which rootlets are attached. The point of attachment is marked by a circular scar. The remainder of the surface is coarsely rugose. Comparison is made with other lycopod underground parts.

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